As leading Australian health and fitness studio operators EnVie Fitness and its franchisees need substantial personal information in order to carry out our business. This privacy policy describes the information we collect and why we collect it and how we use and disclose the information.

EnVie Fitness is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the [##Privacy Act 1988 / Schedule 3 of the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000].

What is personal information?

Personal information is generally information which can be used to identify you or is sensitive information about your health.

Back to top Why does EnVie Fitness collect this personal information?
EnVie Fitness needs this information to provide its members with personalised fitness services including assessments of fitness, health and wellbeing and achievement of personal goals.
EnVie Fitness also needs this information to properly and efficiently conduct its business including to communicate with members, provide member benefits, charge fees, administer accounts, collect debts and for certain business contacts.
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What personal information does EnVie Fitness collect?
EnVie Fitness collects personal information from its members, potential members, membership applicants, contractors, employees and people it does business with.
EnVie Fitness collects identification information including names, addresses, emails, telephone numbers and other contact details, date of birth, emergency contacts, drivers license and in some cases employment information.
EnVie Fitness also collects health related information which may be provided on pre-activity questionnaires and doctors referrals. This may include information such as health, illnesses or conditions, weight and body measurements, medical history, whether a person is pregnant or on any medication, whether a person smokes and other health related information that may be necessary to properly advise a person about undertaking physical activity at EnVie Fitness. Health information is sensitive information so EnVie Fitness only collects what it needs to provide proper service and only collects it with the person's consent.
In addition, EnVie Fitness collects financial information including bank account and credit card details as well as information about purchases of products and services and payment or non-payment of membership fees. Back to top
How does EnVie Fitness obtain this information?
EnVie Fitness collects this information from application forms, membership agreements, pre-activity questionnaires and when members attend EnVie Fitness studios, purchase items from EnVie Fitness or communicate with EnVie Fitness though websites, email, telephone or post. Back to top
How does EnVie Fitness use personal information?
EnVie Fitness uses personal information to properly provide health and fitness related services and to efficiently manage and administer studio memberships and its business. This helps EnVie Fitness to provide the services and products that members and potential members have requested.
EnVie Fitness will use personal information about a member to process the membership application, charge and collect membership fees, administer a member's account and collect debts. EnVie Fitness will also use personal information to communicate with members including answering any questions a member may have.
Unless you notify EnVie Fitness otherwise, EnVie Fitness will use personal information to send out special promotions, offers, discounts, newsletters, dietary and health related information, educational information and other marketing materials from EnVie Fitness or its business partners. You may 'opt-out' of receiving such marketing materials on forms where personal information is collected or by contacting EnVie Fitness as described under Contact Information, below. Back to top
How does EnVie Fitness disclose personal information?
EnVie Fitness will disclose personal information in a few different ways.
Along with most businesses in Australia, EnVie Fitness will contract out or outsource specific services from time to time and this may mean that our contractors may have to have access to personal information to properly deliver the services. All of our contractors are subject to confidentiality obligations which means they are only authorised to use personal information to provide the services requested by EnVie Fitness. EnVie Fitness will disclose personal information where it is under a legal obligation to do so such as where applicable legislation or a court order requires it or if a request is made from a law enforcement agency. EnVie Fitness will not rent, sell or otherwise disclose personal information to any other company or organisation without the person's prior consent where that consent is required by law.
As described above, unless you notify EnVie Fitness otherwise, EnVie Fitness may disclose personal information to its business partners so that they may contact the person directly with special promotions, offers, discounts, newsletters, dietary and health related information, educational information and other marketing materials. However, you may 'opt-out' of receiving such materials at any time by contacting EnVie Fitness as described under Contact Information, below. Back to top
3 day trial pass
Terms and conditions apply. See in Studio for full details. 3 days must be consecutive days and begins at first appointment. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. 1 voucher per person. Not available to current EnVie members. Use of the studio must be during staffed hours. Appointments subject to availability. Back to top
How can I access my personal information?
Privacy laws give you rights to seek access to the personal information EnVie Fitness holds about you. You can seek access by requesting access at your local EnVie Fitness studio or by contacting the EnVie Fitness Privacy Officer using the contact details described under Contact Information below. Generally we should be able to provide you with access within a month of your request, although we may need more time if your request is complicated. EnVie Fitness will ordinarily not charge you for the cost of providing access to your personal information. However, if EnVie Fitness does propose to charge you it will advise you of the proposed charge before it provides access.
EnVie Fitness tries to ensure that the personal information that it holds is accurate, complete and up to date. However, EnVie Fitness relies on you to help us with this. If you wish to update or correct the personal information we hold about you, please update your information at your local EnVie Fitness studio or contact the EnVie Fitness Privacy Officer using the contact details below. EnVie Fitness will contact you if there is any issue about amending the record of personal information that is held. Back to top
Does EnVie Fitness keep personal information secure?
EnVie Fitness takes reasonable steps to ensure that personal information it holds is stored in a secure environment protected from unauthorised access. EnVie Fitness reminds its franchisees and contractors to be responsible with personal information and store it in a secure way. Back to top
Can I withhold my personal information from EnVie Fitness?
Unfortunately, EnVie Fitness cannot provide its services or have members join its studio without collecting and using personal and sensitive information obtained from the EnVie Fitness membership agreement and pre-activity questionnaires. Back to top
Website and Online Privacy
EnVie Fitness also collects personal information through its websites including www.EnVie Generally EnVie Fitness will handle personal information obtained online consistently with the way it handles information obtained offline.
EnVie Fitness will not collect any personal information online unless you choose to give it to EnVie Fitness by sending emails through the website or filling out forms. However, EnVie Fitness may collect certain data that does not identify you (sometimes called 'web log information') when you visit one of the EnVie Fitness websites, such as what web pages have been visited, what online advertisements have been clicked on, what sort of browser and operating system you have. EnVie Fitness may also use 'cookies' which are small files that are stored on your computer and that manage the security and navigation process of the website. You can choose to block these cookies but some portions of the site may not function correctly if you choose to do that. This type of data is collected for statistical purposes and to provide marketing materials online but they are unlikely to identify you personally.
EnVie Fitness may from time to time email or SMS you marketing materials if you have consented to such contact or have implied that you would like such contact. This is a requirement of the Spam Act 2003. You will always have the opportunity to 'opt-out' or unsubscribe from future communication in each electronic communication that EnVie Fitness sends you. Back to top
Other information
If you have any queries or concerns regarding privacy or the EnVie Fitness privacy policy please contact your local EnVie Fitness studio or contact our Privacy Officer as described under Contact Information below. The word EnVie Fitness as described in this privacy policy refers to EnVie Fitness head office (Australasia Franchise Group Pty Ltd) and its related bodies corporate as well as each EnVie Fitness franchisee. EnVie Fitness may change this privacy policy at any time and all changes will be available on request. Back to top
Contact Information
You may contact the EnVie Fitness Privacy Officer as follows:
By Post: EnVie Fitness Privacy Officer, Suite 302, 19A Boundary St, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011.
By Email:
By Telephone: 02 8353 5200 or 1300 657 339. Back to top