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  • Fast fitness
  • Walking Group
  • Boxing
  • Over 55's
  • Studio Strength
  • Cardio & Fitness
  • Stretch & Strength
  • Walking Group
  • Boxing
  • Cardio & Fitness
  • Boxing
  • Walking Group
Stretch, Strength and Tone

Swiss ball, Bosu, Studio strength, Yoga, Pilates, Stretch and Strength, Core

Strengthen and define your body with our variety of Stretch, Strength and tone classes. Target all of those tricky areas for strong and sculpted arms, bellies, bums and thighs.

All stretch, strength and tone classes offer a full body workout focused on core stability, toning, balance and posture. The classes vary between the use of body resistance, free weights, and machines. Each class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels allowing you to work at your own resistance level.

Cardio & Fast Fitness

Boxing, Fast Fitness, Circuit, X-Training, Tabata, Cardio Blast, H.I.T.T

Our cardio and fast fitness category is focused on raising your heart rate while also building strength, endurance, balance, agility and coordination. The variety of classes across our EnVie gyms are fun way to really get you moving.

Many of the classes offer a form of interval style training; an exercise strategy alternating periods of short more intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods to really boost your fitness, faster!

Walk & Run Groups

Take your first steps as a runner or breakthrough to that next level. Suitable for all fitness and ability levels with plenty of progression from walkers to marathoners alike.

Sessions are based on building fitness and endurance with a focus on the techniques and tips to help you run comfortably.

Gentle Exercise & Over 55s

A fun, friendly and relaxed low impact workout. Perfect if you’ve not exercised in a while or are just starting out. Work at your own pace as you learn new techniques to exercise safely with a combination of cardio, strength and core based movement. Improve your muscle strength, fitness, flexibility, balance and coordination while having a laugh with new friends.

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