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A new mum
When my daughter was around 5 months I made a decision to get back into exercise, but without support I plateaued and therefore wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I then joined EnVie, it didn’t take long and I was getting my motivation back, the support from the amazing staff, the variety of classes & exercise options, saw me feeling back to my normal active self, I was kicking myself for not doing it earlier. I was feeling amazing, and I realised making fitness and exercise important in my day wasn’t selfish, it was not only benefiting myself, but also my daughter and little family.
A busy mum
I have belonged to gyms all my life and have attended countless different ones over the years. Never has one suited my needs and lifestyle as much as EnVie does. The extended hours are fantastic. Now all I have to work around is my family’s timetable, not the gyms! I can go after the kids are in bed and it takes away the “guilt” factor that so many mums take with us to the gym (we must be neglecting our kids!). Or I can take the kids with me! And by including the kids they are learning the importance of regular exercise in staying fit and healthy.
Emma Sabey
Loves to socialise and exercise
Since being a member of EnVie, I have always found the gym to have a fantastic atmosphere for meeting my goals, with both the trainers and other members making it an enjoyable experience. Through the variety of classes available I have successfully met my long term goals - and have enjoyed every minute of it!!
Sandra Anne Bodger
Can’t live without EnVie
Since joining EnVie Fitness I have not looked back, health and fitness combined are excellent! I have changed my eating to sustain my new fitness routine and it is leaping out at me with renewed energy I didn’t think possible. No doctor visits or tablets for me - just pure enjoyment as I reap the rewards while having heaps of fun. My training program is suited to my lifestyle and any issues I have with my body. Discussion and help is great from the trainers any time I need it
Susan McLeod
A new found enjoyment for running
From the moment I walked through the doors at EnVie Fitness I was hooked.  Smiling, friendly and welcoming staff greeted me. It was just what I wanted, a woman’s gym, women educating women with a genuine interest ensuring that my needs and ability were met. I liked that the staff not only made me feel welcome, they all made me feel comfortable and despite their professional abilities they did not make me feel any lesser than themselves.
Sally Davis Soar
Exercised through pregnancy
For me, there were so many benefits of exercising through my pregnancy. Being my third child, I knew what to expect of my body.....My past two pregnancies, I had gained a lot of weight whilst carrying (+30kg) and it took me about 18 months to get back to my normal weight of around 66kgs. Due to my workouts, I retained hardly any fluid during this pregnancy compared with my previous two kids. This was such a relief to me. I felt better about my-self-image and I was much more comfortable getting around. Sure beat laying on the lounge with my feet in the air! I gained less weight and lost all my pregnancy weight much faster as a result of going to EnVie.
Elise Ward
Lost 12.9kilos and 41cms
Since getting back to the gym after having my son 7months ago I have lost 12.9kilos and 41cms.  The child minding at EnVie has enabled me to get to the gym and focus on myself knowing my son is in good hands. The constant support from staff and other members has been a great motivator to keep on track. Having the regular weigh-ins and my personal weights and cardio program updated regularly makes reaching my goal easier.
Kim Rowe
Stayed active during pregnancy
From staying active during my pregnancy my blood pressure remained stable, my fluid retention was minimal and my recovery was very speedy. I ended up having a caesarean as my baby was breech but I was able to do most things deemed “too much” after having a c-section within a couple of weeks. My whole body and fitness in general bounced back quite well when I returned to exercise after birth and am so glad I continued it throughout my pregnancy. My biggest motivation was something one of the trainers said to me when I was 7 weeks pregnant; “Labour is a marathon. Would you attempt a marathon without training for it?”
Kim Arnold
Lost over 55kg
Over the last 2 ½ years I have used a variety of techniques to keep my diet on track, focusing on healthy eating and portion control.  But throughout it all I have had the unwavering support of the trainers at EnVie and I trained hard.  I can now run long distances, have completed numerous fun runs and have commenced training for my first half marathon in April 2013.  I can lift heavy weights and I can punch hard (just ask my boxing partners). I have lost over 55kgs and gone from a size 26 to a 14/16.  While my weight loss journey continues, I know that I am a fit and healthy 40 years old woman, setting an excellent example for my 8 year old son.  My husband has also benefited with improving his fitness and also losing a significant amount of weight as a result of the changes that I made.
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