A new mum
Bronwyn's Story

Prior to having my daughter I was a reasonably active and fit person then, I got pregnant. With the morning sickness, body changes and increased exhaustion my motivation levels towards exercise quickly disappeared, going for the occasional walk was all I could muster. I found excuses to getting out and exercising. Once my daughter came, my world totally changed, being a first time mum, saw me adjusting to motherhood and again finding excuses not to exercise. My motivation had all but gone, when my daughter slept instead of doing something productive  I’d find myself having naps or sitting on the couch watching TV, this frustrated me, as I use to be on the go all the time. When my daughter was around 5 months I made a decision to get back into exercise, but without support I plateaued and therefore wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I then joined EnVie, it didn’t take long and I was getting my motivation back, the support from the amazing staff, the variety of classes & exercise options, saw me feeling back to my normal active self, I was kicking myself for not doing it earlier. I was feeling amazing, and I realised making fitness and exercise important in my day wasn’t selfish, it was not only benefiting myself, but also my daughter and little family.   I found motivation for exercise again and I wasn’t feeling the need for daytime naps or sitting on the couch watching tv and have loads more energy to play with my daughter. Not to mention I am fitting back into my pre pregnancy clothes. I now enjoy going to the gym and exercising again, I can also take my daughter with me so no more excuses, not that I am always looking for them now. Joining EnVie was the best decision I have made, it has given me to motivation and drive I needed. EnVie suits my lifestyle and family perfectly; the awesome trainers push me and support me to reach my goals. The variety of classes and timetable means I can fit in exercise around my busy days.

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