Mother of three, works part time.
Caroline Dowling

I have been a member of EnVie Fitness Greenvale since it first opened in July 2013.

I am a mother of three girls and work part time. I had wanted to join a gym for a long time, but never seemed to have the time between juggling family and work. When EnVie Fitness Greenvale opened their flexible trading hours and proximity from home meant that I could fit going to the gym into my hectic day. The gym is now part of my daily routine.

My initial goals when I first joined EnVie were to lose weight, improve my fitness and build on my strength. It has taken a lot of perseverance and hard work. Within a year I had lost just under 20kg and my fitness and strength had improved out of sight. I am well on my way of reaching my goals.

My tips to help you reach your goals are:

Bring a friend along with you, it is amazing how much more motivated you are when you know you have someone to work out with.

Find a time that suits you, and commit to it. Make it part of your routine – no excuses.

Persevere, don’t give up. It might take time to reach your goal, but you will never get there if you give up.

Start at a level that you can manage and aim to improve each week, keep challenging yourself.

Most importantly believe in yourself. You will be amazed at what you can achieve if you are really committed.

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