Lost 12.9kilos and 41cms
Elise Ward

 I have struggled to lose the pregnancy weight gained when I had my daughter 3.5yrs ago and through bad eating and drinking habits I couldn't shift the weight. The fact I didn't like exercising and was lacking in motivation and will power didn't help, but I wasn't happy with what I saw in the mirror and decided things had to change. I fell pregnant with my son and got up to 95kgs I was determined to lose the weight this time and keep it off.

I talked with the EnVie staff to set goals and for the first time I stuck to them, I didn't want to diet I needed to make a lifestyle change and incorporate exercise and healthy eating into my daily routine.

Since getting back to the gym after having my son 7months ago I have lost 12.9kilos and 41cms.  The child minding at EnVie has enabled me to get to the gym and focus on myself knowing my son is in good hands. The constant support from staff and other members has been a great motivator to keep on track. Having the regular weigh-ins and my personal weights and cardio program updated regularly makes reaching my goal easier.

I’ve never liked exercise but I now look forward to my gym sessions, my fitness has improved and most importantly my mindset and old eating habits have changed. I now weigh 69kgs and only have a few more kilos to lose; I know I can do it.

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