Loves to socialise and exercise
Emma's Story

I first joined EnVie 9 months ago to reinvigorate my exercise regime which had become a monotonous routine of running and exercise that I was doing at home. Being a stay at home mum of

two young children I was looking for a fun training environment that provided social interaction with other women in the local area.

Since being a member of EnVie, I have always found the gym to have a fantastic atmosphere for meeting my goals, with both the trainers and other members making it an enjoyable experience.

Through the variety of classes available I have successfully met my long term goals - and have enjoyed every minute of it!!

The personalised service from staff is something rare in my experience at gyms. The EnVie trainers are very supportive and on a first name basis with clients.

I especially enjoyed Therese’s 12 week challenge, losing over 8 kilos and a total of 41cm. I feel fitter than ever before and words cannot describe how it feels to be able to fit in to my pre-pregnancy clothes once again.

If you are looking for something that the big chains don’t offer, look no further, I’m glad I did and you will be too.

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