Stayed active during pregnancy
Kim Rowe

 Before I fell pregnant I was always active and pretty fit and had a great routine with my exercise and gym visits. When I found out I was pregnant I was concerned about the impact it may have on my fitness and whether or not I would be able to exercise and work out as much I had previously. The trainers at EnVie explained the benefits of exercise and fitness during pregnancy and that the only thing to be cautious of was starting any new and strenuous programs.

The first trimester (as always) was a little difficult to exercise through as fatigue was difficult to work past. However I did find that even if I did only 20 – 30mins of mild exercise I felt a little more energised for the day.

As I felt better during my 2nd trimester I continued with my regular exercise and fitness routines as if I wasn’t pregnant at all. I concentrated on building strength and endurance, and ab work doing isolated exercises like plank holds and v-sit ups, as well as my pelvic floor muscles (we all know how important those are!)

My 3rd trimester was a little more challenging as my stomach got bigger and once again a bit of fatigue set in at the end, but I still managed to exercise at least 4 times a week.

From staying active during my pregnancy my blood pressure remained stable, my fluid retention was minimal and my recovery was very speedy. I ended up having a caesarean as my baby was breech but I was able to do most things deemed “too much” after having a c-section within a couple of weeks. My whole body and fitness in general bounced back quite well when I returned to exercise after birth and am so glad I continued it throughout my pregnancy. My biggest motivation was something one of the trainers said to me when I was 7 weeks pregnant; “Labour is a marathon. Would you attempt a marathon without training for it?”

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