A busy mum
Kim's Story

I am 41 years old with 2 children (3 and 4 years old), a partner and a job. Pretty standard! My story really starts as a kid, I was always “chubby”, and by the time I was an early teen I was classified as “obese”. Those times were not happy ones, with lots of bullying and zero self-esteem. I really turned a corner when I could no longer fit into Size 18 jeans and we had to go to a factory to get size 20’s. Not a great feeling for a 16-year-old girl! So I lost weight. And of course made all the classic mistakes, yo-yo dieting, severe calorie restriction, and an unhealthy obsession/relationship with food! I lost some weight but set myself up for a lifetime of battling a sludgy metabolism and a poor relationship with food. The good thing that came out of it was an obsession with/love of exercise and health, and a determination never to be obese again. My past is my motivation to improve my future!

I have paddled outriggers, rowed surfboats, done triathlons, trained to get into the NSW Fire Brigade, and yet I am in better shape NOW, at 41 with 2 kids, than at any of those times! I have belonged to gyms all my life and have attended countless different ones over the years. Never has one suited my needs and lifestyle as much as EnVie does. The extended hours are fantastic. Now all I have to work around is my family’s timetable, not the gyms! I can go after the kids are in bed and it takes away the “guilt” factor that so many mums take with us to the gym (we must be neglecting our kids!). Or I can take the kids with me! And by including the kids they are learning the importance of regular exercise in staying fit and healthy.

Inside or outside, the flexibility is amazing. If I’m low on motivation I do a group class so the staff can push me (and they do!!). If I’m low on time I can do a quick, intense session and be out the door in 30 minutes. If I want company I do a class, if I need some “me” time I go at night and have the studio to myself! The staff are, quite honestly the best I have EVER come across in all the gyms I’ve been to. My friends keep asking if EnVie are paying me because I sing their praises all the time! But really it’s just that EnVie works for me!

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