Lost over 15kg
Sue Chapman

I joined EnVie Fitness with a friend so I could have some ‘me’ time. But more importantly to lose the weight, that had snuck up on me, which I had been ignoring for a while. I had been feeling uncomfortable and out of place, being a lot bigger than all my friends and work mates. I couldn’t remember the last time I had bought any ‘nice’ clothes. I was living in the same pair of pants and a few tops and I’d finally had enough.

I started off occasionally joining in on a class or working on my programme. After a bout of illness and feeling like I was defeated. BJ encouraged me to join in on the first EnVie Challenge - I think this was the turning point for me. I worked hard on my diet and turned up for all the training sessions. Being able to focus on the challenge led me to lose 6kg. I have participated in two more challenges and have lost over 15kg since March last year. It has been an extremely hard struggle, both emotionally and physically. But I have had plenty of support from the trainers and all the lovely ladies who get up at the crack of dawn and drag themselves to the gym for a 5.45am start. Those ladies have shown kindness, encouragement and support and I have made many great friendships. Since losing weight I have become stronger and fitter and more educated to live a healthier lifestyle.

My journey isn’t over; I still have a lot more to achieve. Recently, I’d lost my motivation, but after lots of emotional chats with my trainer BJ, and members Lisa and Lesley, I have made the leap back into it. One week in and I am feeling good! Diet and exercise has a great impact on your mental health as well as your physical self. My current goal is to get to a point where I feel good enough to splurge on a new pair of jeans and boots for winter!!!

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